How do get started with living frugally? 

In this episode, I share a fundamental frugal living mindset and strategy that will save more than just a few dollars. 

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We all want to live the good life. But what is the good life and how do you achieve it?

In this episode, I explore what I think is at the heart of living a frugal and thriving life.


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Have you ever created a budget and struggled to stick to it? You're not alone! The answer isn't more willpower, it's better strategies and systems!

In this episode, I share three strategies that successful budgeters use to grow their savings. These strategies take about five minutes to put into action but will help you save more for years to come (I've been doing this for nearly 20 years!)

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A budget is just good intentions unless you follow through with action. In this episode, I share the three-step process for deciding on the right action that will help you stick to your budget and save money and how to turn that action into a frugal habit so that saving is automatic and easy. 

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When it comes to trying to fit everything in that we have to do in a day, we often look to time-management hacks and strategies to get through our to-do list. But as it turns out, if you want to achieve more, you need to manage your energy, not your time.

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